Thursday, January 17, 2008

Are you against all sex work?

I have no objection to any woman consensually going into sex work who is capable of making the same kind of money while working the same hours in another field. To give some examples:

Amateur porn depicting consensual sex acts, acts which would be occurring anyway and acts which are committed by people who most likely get off on strangers downloading porn of them, is fine by me. Professional porn depicting economically exploited women getting slapped around during painful sex is not. 

Women who could be earning more elsewhere charging enlightened pro-feminist men for sex with would be fine by me, if such a thing were not an oxymoronic laughable fantasy. (How many honestly pro-feminist men do you know of who would see a prostitute? How many sex workers do you know of who could earn a thousand dollars a night doing anything else?) I remain opposed to women getting paid obscene amounts of money to pretend they enjoy whatever a strange man does to them. 

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