Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why are you assuming everybody else's experience of sex work is the same as yours was?

I'm not; I'm pointing out that many women have had my experience of sex work, and that many women getting abused by an industry is a good enough reason to shut it down. I fail to see why it's my responsibility to prove that every last sex worker on the face of the earth has been repeatedly horrifically victimized before I'm allowed to say that the industry as a whole is doing bad things to people on a systematic level.

I wish that people would stop pointing to the relatively few women who purport to be happy in sex work every time I bring this up. All you are proving is that a few women (usually the upper class white women who work for expensive agencies with cars, drivers, background checks, and security) are willing to say that they feel okay about things right now. Why do they get to speak for all sex workers when I have to be prevented from speaking for even a few? Is it because they agree with you and I don't?

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